July 22nd

July 22nd

It has been a beautiful day here at camp so far!  The girls all got a great sleep last night after our four week banquet and everyone was excited for an early bird of swimming, running, cycling, and mountain biking this morning.

Once we finished early bird and breakfast we had a big camp clean up and gave the campers leaving a chance to pack and then as the four weekers left the rest of the camp headed down to the waterfront for swim practice.  After swim practice everyone got to choose their favourite water activity to do until lunch.  Girls went paddle-boarding, gunnel bobbing, canoeing, kayaking, and diving.

After a delicious lunch everyone headed down to the cabins for a quick rest hour before paddling and biking over to Ahmic Lake Lodge to take advantage of the gorgeous day with an afternoon filled with ice cream and playing in the rapids.

This evening all of the seven-week campers are looking forward to having a movie night cuddled up in the mainhouse with our favourite movie treats.  We cannot wait for the new session to start tomorrow and all of the new campers to arrive!


Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.