Knoepfli Mile Swim

Knoepfli Mile Swim

Yesterday we went across the lake to our brother camp, Camp Chikopi for the 1 mile swim to Knoepfli.

It was an early breakfast so that we could make it over to Chikopi for the start of the race.

When we arrived the girls made their way to the starting line. While waiting the girls burst out in cheers, “AK, AK, AKOM, OM,OM, OMAK, AK-O-MAK, AK-O-MAK, WOOOO!” echoed through Ahmic Lake.

“BANG”, the starters pistols went and the race had begun. From the very start two Chikopi CIT’s looked strong and took the lead, but hot on their heels were two Ak-O-Makkers, Samantha S. and Gillian T. They all stayed together for the entire race and out of nowhere Vanessa G. popped into their wake. The race was great and finishes were tight!

Joni, Lou, and James have had the girls in the lake practicing their open water swimming and it certainly showed in their results. All of Ak-O-Mak completed the race in less than 45 minutes!

After the race we went back to Chikopi for lunch and the afternoon’s events of Field Day. The sun camp out and it was a beautiful afternoon. The field was full of shrieking and laughing as the campers from both camps played traditional field day games like, toss the wellie (it’s exactly what it sounds like…throwing a boot), the plank walk, dizzy-lizzies, and trying to catch soccer balls in bed sheets. Some Chikopi campers may have been missing their bedding last-night. The teams had to try and go to as many stations as possible to accumulate the least amount of points. The winning team gets to pick a mystery prize out of the “dark bag” and obviously earns bragging rights between both camps. At the end of all of the games eveyone headed to the lake to cool off. Then Chikopi presented awards and we headed back to camp for dinner.

Girls 10 and under

1st place Caroline M. 29:47:18

2nd place Trinity Z. 33:53:03

3rd place Coco C. 37:53:03

Girls 11 and 12

1st place Aleska G. 25:10

2nd place Hailey N. 27:12

3rd place Madeleine M. 27:34

4th place Jessica C. 28:40

5th place Miryam G. 29:46

6th place Marni G. 29:49

7th place Annie R. 32:31

8th place Jillian A. 33:14

9th place Marion D. 33:34

10th place Olivia O. 33:57

11th place Kaitlyn H. 37:51

12th place Chloe S. 40:03

13th place Sabrina J. 40:06

14th place Cassie C. 42:03

Girls 13 – 14

1st place Vanessa G. 22:38:20

2nd place Rebecca N. 23:53:61

3rd place Alexis B. 23:58:03

4th place Allison M. 23:58:93

5th place Katy G. 24:06:68

6th place Jackie D. 25:06:56

7th place Kate A. 25:13:43

8th place Carolyn D. 25:15:25

9th place Sam M. 27:31:27

10th place Zoe M. 27:47:86

11th place Sarah E. 28:06:11

12th place Ashlynn M. 28:31:25

13th place Mary Kate J. 28:46:28

14th place Dana S. 28:50:50

15th place Brooke H. 28:52:25

16th place Jodie M. 29:49:41

17th place Samantha G. 32:48:47

18th place Samantha B. 33:13:68

19th place Kaitlyn L. 33:56:56

20th place CeeJay M. 34:04:21

GIRLS 15-17

1st place Samantha S. 22:27:20

2nd place Gillian T. 22:28:63

3rd place Isabella J. 23:55:86

4th place Yvonne K. 25:08:64

5th place Erin L. 25:19:56

6th place Elspeth C. 25:25:25

7th place Nina V. 25:44:28

8th place Elizabeth M. 26:46:26

9th place Garima K. 26:50:28

10th place Hailey M. 27:26:96

11th place Maggie P. 27:38:72

12th place Ainsley D. 27:40:46

13th place Ryleigh S. 28:05:56

14th place Jocelyn W. 28:21:64

15th place Sarah L. 28:40:18

16th place Paige H. 28:42:03

17th place Erin T. 28:46:53

18th place Celine C. 29:59:18

19th place Sarah W. 30:40:11

20th place Samantha G. 33:54:33

Happy Camping!

Hayley & Yukki

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.