July 31st

July 31st

After a very rainy morning of early bird and then swimming, tennis, volleyball, zumba, self defense and fencing for morning classes the weather cleared up for us this afternoon.

We had a delicious lunch of fresh bread, spinach salad, and chilli and then everyone went to their cabins for rest hour.  After rest hour the girls enjoyed a choice period of transition practice for the upcoming Barrie triathlon, tennis, badminton, or war canoe.  Once the choice period was over everyone gathered in their team competition teams for a game of Challengia, a big board game filled with both challenges and trivia questions.

Meanwhile fourteen of our campers on the sailing team ate an early lunch and then sailed over to Chikopi for our annual sailing regatta against the boys.  It was a nice windy day making for a very quick race.  The girls all did an excellent job and raced their hardest against all of Chikopi’s boats.  Once the race was over we all gathered at Chikopi for awards before sailing back to camp for dinner.

After dinner everyone headed down to the soccer field for a camper versus counsellor soccer game to help prepare the soccer team for their game against Chikopi tomorrow.  Campers were victorious in the end and the campers not on the soccer team came up with some awesome cheers for tomorrow’s game!  We are all looking forward to having the Ahmic Harbour swim race tomorrow.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.