August 1st

August 1st

It was a perfect, sunny day for the Ahmic Harbour swim today!  After an early lunch all of the swimmers headed down to the main dock for some stretches and a few cheers before the race.  All of the swimmers then jumped in, lined up and they were off!  It was a great race with all of our swimmers doing an amazing job!

After every swimmer got to Ahmic Harbour and warmed up with some hot chocolate both camps either paddled or ran back to Ak-O-Mak for awards and dinner.  Once everyone was full each of the soccer teams and their cheering sections headed out to the field for the game.  It was a very intense game, with both teams fighting hard for the win, but in the end Ak-O-Mak was victorious!  When we won the girl’s cheers could be heard from across the lake!  What an exciting night to be an Ak-O-Makker! 

After soccer it was off to bed for everyone because we have an early morning tomorrow as we head to Barrie for the Kempenfest 2km swim race. 

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.