August 6th

August 6th

Sadly today we said goodbye to our two week campers, but those here for our three week and seven week sessions still managed to have an awesome day.  After early bird and breakfast the remaining campers all piled into canoes to paddle over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for the day. 

Once at the lodge the campers enjoyed a fun swim practice and even got to use the lodge’s water trampoline and slide!  The girls also went on a short hike on the trails around the lodge before we ate the delicious wraps and cookies that the kitchen packed us.  After our lunch everyone got a chance to get some ice cream from the store before paddling back to camp.

Back at camp everyone enjoyed a rest hour.  After which a thunderstorm rolled in so each of the cabins created a skit that they presented after dinner.  All of the skits were quite hilarious and after they were presented we all had the privilege of learning some self-defense moves from Olympic wrestler Pete M.  What an awesome day here, we are all looking forward to tomorrow!


Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.