August 8th

August 8th

Today was a very active day for us!  We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day and flat lake by doing the Monster Rock one-mile swim this morning.  After all of the campers had swam the campers got into canoes and paddled for the counsellors while they swam. 

We then had a delicious lunch of chicken sandwiches and salad before rest hour and candy store.  After rest hour everyone headed down to the bike shed for our annual mountain bike race led by our coach Blair!  Everyone enjoyed the afternoon riding the one-mile course at Ak-O-Mak on our new fun cross trail system.

After dinner all of the girls went down to the U-Haul to load their bikes for the Barrie triathlon before spending the rest of the night jumping off the tower and bathing in the lake.  We are all very excited to head to Barrie tomorrow for the Barrie triathlon!


Monster Rock Swim


Alicia E.                       21:26

Vanessa G.                  21:50

Arianne C.                   21:52

Sarah S.                       21:53

Jess R.                          21:54

Robin C.                       23:24

Elizabeth W.                23:32

Trinity Z.                      23:34

Abby H.                        23:57

Abby S.                        24:16

Abby Hunt                   24:17

Ashley Stewart            24:56

Diana P.                       25:17

Isabella C.                   25:20

Neve V.                        25:21

Maya G.                      25:22

Samuelle F.                 25:25

Angelica G.                  26:27

Frankie D.                    26:28

Alina A.                        26:30

Grace P.                      26:35

Jessie W.                     26:34

Gracey S.                     26:25

Mackenna A.               26:23

Natasha L.                   26:25

Hannah P.                    28:37

Mackenzie O.              29:25

Siena G.                       29:26

Calla T.                        30:00

Amrita K.                     31:02

Emily M.                      32:30

Hailey L.                      32:31

Elisha P.                       33:00

Ana Sofia D.                34:34

Elyse T.                        34:45

Mariana V.                  36:39

Sophie W.                    37:45

Erin M.                          39:16

Amelia C.                    44:34



Karolyn M.                  22:29

Denise H.                     23:15

Alexa M.                      24:18

Molly L.                       25:32

Blair S.                         25:54

Riley W.                       26:23

Sarabeth H.                 27:34

Kiran P.                        31:10

Larissa D.                    31:30

Lily E.                           31:32

Monica D.                   33:50

Emily C.                       38:40

Erin A.                         39:01

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.