August 22nd

August 22nd


Today there was no early bird as the girls were getting ready to race the Knoephfli mile followed Chikopi field day! The morning started out a little wet with a light "British Isles" drizzle but the girls pulled through and all swam a fantastic race! Between the Ak-O-Mak girls and the Chikopi boys there were 87 swimmers in the race! We are very proud of Olivia A from Cabin 1 who came first overall with a time of 20:04 (A NEW Knoephfli mile swim record for the Ak-O-Mak girls!).

Five girls make the top 10 overall:  Olivia A, Vanessa G, Alexis B, Kate A, and Madeleine M! Fantastic! The Ak-O-Mak girls then enjoyed a Chikopi lunch before being assigned to mixed teams for the zaney Field Day activities.

Soon it was time for us to paddle home just in time for candy store and rest hour.

Many thanks to Chefs  Peter and Samson who prepared a delicious Chinese- food dinner tonight after which  we were re-energized for evening activities!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.