August 26th

August 26th

Camp Ak-O-Mak was pleased to host alum Colleen Shields for the past couple of days. Colleen successfully crossed Lake Ontario 2 weeks ago at the tender age of 62 and came to camp to share her story with the girls.  After helping with the Ahmic Harbour Swim yesterday, Colleen   was delighted to swim Early Bird this morning with 8 year old Isabel L. for her first one miler! 

After such an action-packed day yesterday it was nice to have a "regular day" at Ak-O-Mak with classes in the morning and Team Comp in the afternoon with all of us appreciating the balmy temperatures in spite of the greyish skies.

Tonight it is the "Counsellor Fashion Show" for evening activity!  Imagine the joy of being "decorated" in wacky costumes by your 12 exuberant campers!  Our counsellors are terrific sports indeed!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.