Close Up 2014

Close Up 2014

What a terrific summer we had at Camp Ak-O-Mak this year!  "Thank you" to each and every one of you, campers, counsellors, CIT's, Coaches and of course, our amazing Chefs, for making this the best year ever!  The weeks literally flew by, but now it is time to put our dear Ak-O-Mak to bed for the winter. 

You Know It's The End Of Summer At Ak-O-Mak When…

1.  The lane lines areoutof the pools and the nets removed from the fields and courts.

2.  The coaching docks are carefully stacked on shore.  Thefloating docksand diving tower are moved to the quiet waters by Sandy Beach.

3.  The sail boats are stashed in the lean-to for winter.

4.  The kayaks and war canoes are systematicallystoredin the boathouse.

5.  The cabins and HOPS are empty and cleaned.

6.  The orange and green canoes are nestled together in the Main House.

7.  The entire kitchen is deep-cleaned and everything wrapped in plastic.

8.  Every pipe is drained of water, every toilet bailed, and every washing machine winterized with anti-freeze for the winter.

But most of all, WE know it is the end of camp when….

1.  The belly-laughter, skinny-dip-screaming and splashing no longer echoacross the bayfrom the water polo dock.

2.  We no longer hear the"CREEAAK-SLAM"of doors along the cabin line.

3.  The Main House bell and the oogah fallsilent.


To us, Dianne and Catherine, when you girls leave camp,the ensuingsilence completely changes  Ak-O-Mak.  It's as though her very soul has gone for a time and camp is returned to the wilderness around her for safe-keeping, asithas been for 88 years.

A few days after you left, about 50 Canada geese flew in to claim their place on the grass by the Directors' Cabin and the tiny patch of beach by the boathouse.  The deer, too, migrated from the forest to the soccer field and all are enjoying the delicious grass, undisturbed by mowers, throwers or "rowers"!

At least not untilwe gather again next summer!



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.