Off to the Polo Matches!

Off to the Polo Matches!

Box seats Well we have been having the most random weather up at camp! Hot, hot, hot, days which is making the water almost warmer than a swimming pool, and cool evenings for sleeping. Then we end up with cool rainy days…coincidently whenever “Princess” leaves camp. He must have an internal weather device.

As soon as there’s sunshine the girls hit the water and we can’t get them out!

We have been out in the war canoes and the racing canoes and kayaks, surf boards, paddle boards, and obviously SWIMMING!

Of course with the lake so lovely, swim practices have become a highly anticipated part of each day. Joni, Lou, and James have had the girls in for some great practices, and they have been going through the swimmers 1:1 stroke-correction.

Today we were visited by Prince William and Kate to take a break in the search for the Queen’s crown jewels. They came to Ak-O-Mak for a polo match!

Now of course we do not have horses at Ak-O-Mak so we have had to improvise with a PIGGY-BACK POLO match! As I type the girls are constructing their “box-seats” for the match and getting their game-faces on!

Happy polo!

Hayley & Yukki

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.