She’s Baaaaack!!

She's Baaaaack!!

Great news everyone!

Hayley Steward will return to Camp Ak-O-Mak this summer as Program Director for the final 2 week session!

Now that her maternity leave is finished, Hayley is free to follow her heart back to camp and re-acquaint with you wonderful girls.  Here's hoping that "Little Stunt" Hayden and Daddy Dan will join her, too!  We'll keep you posted on that detail as we get closer to camp.

So send her a message and join us as we welcome back Hayley Steward!!

Hayley is a lover of all things outdoors! She could stern a canoe before she learned how to ride a bicycle and could scale a rock face before she was old enough to learn how to drive. Her Ak-O-Mak journey began in 2006 when she joined The Brantford Aquatics Club on a training weekend to run the high-ropes course and she immediately fell in love its traditional camp feel  breathtaking campus. After spending years at various other day and residential camps there was something in the air that kept Hayley coming back to Ak-O-Mak, until she was offered the position of Program Director in 2009. She brings a diverse background of experiences to her role as Program Director. From implementing a creative education day-camp program at Wilfrid Laurier University, teaching rock climbing, facilitating high and low ropes courses, refereeing volleyball, lifeguarding, and teaching swimming, to working as a counselor in the USA for children with social, emotional and developmental disorders, Hayley has developed a passion for teaching and learning. Her zany, creative program ideas were quickly adopted at Ak-O-Mak as new camp traditions.

Hayley’s passion and enthusiasm for exciting programs and creating a healthy-active lifestyle expands beyond the age group of Ak-O-Mak campers.  During the year she is the Director or Recreation at a retirement residence or “residential all-year camp for Grannies and Grandpa’s” as she calls it. 

As a child she wore out a t-shirt that said, “Yes I’m a girl, Yes I’m an athlete, Yes I can kick your butt!” and has adapted this as her personal camp mantra. Her enthusiasm and excitement for camp and empowering young girls is witnessed every day she is at camp.  She strongly believes in the powerful and positive experience of summer camp in a child’s life.


After spending four summers at AK-O-Mak as the Program Director a two summer hiatus, seems like an eternity and Hayley is beyond excited to bring her new family to her second home at Ak-O-Mak as the Program Director for the Two Week Session!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.