First Weekend At Ak-O-Mak

First Weekend At Ak-O-Mak

The first of May is always an exciting weekend for us at Ak-O-Mak.  It is the time when we usually make our initial road-trip north to check on camp and see how the buildings, docks and trees, etc have come through the winter.

The lake ice is now history!  It "went out" by the end of April and the scent of thawing earth and spring is everywhere.  This weekend (May 2nd & 3rd) we were blessed with wonderfully warm temperatures.  "Sunshine" was the forecast and Mother Nature delivered 100 %.  

It was a perfect day for a 'walkabout' camp.  As we inspected the bay from the dock at Buck's Cabin, a pair of beavers swam towards us from shore.  They were as curious about us as we were about them!  Did you know that beavers vocalized?  Well, they do!…As "June and Ward Beaver" (yes, we named them), swam their circuitous path to our dock, they hummed repeatedly to each other.  After checking us out briefly, they continued their little 'love swim' all the way to Sandy Beach.  What a treat to see them up close like that.

On the baseball field, deep, hoofed divets in the moist earth were evidence of a moose's recent visit to camp. Jennifer (from Rocky Reef) reported seeing the moose by Rosemary's bench last week while out walking her dogs.  We were not so fortunate, however, but we will keep our "eyes peeled" just in case.

Camp wintered very well and everything appeared to be ship shape.  While Dianne made her list of "chores to be done" on our Annual Volunteer Work Weekend, Marion Denny and Cole Scheffel. (both of Brantford Aquatic Club) decided to test the waters…literally.

Marion was determined to snag the award for "First One In The Lake 2015".  She might have succeeded too but as Marion waded in up to her ankles, Cole had a strategic burst of bravery!  He galloped past Marion and plunged head first into the water, snagging the title!  Congratulations Cole Scheffel…the winner of "First One In The Lake 2015!"

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.