2015 Volunteer Work Weekend


2015 Volunteer Work Weekend

The "May Long Weekend" is always a fun time to be at Camp Ak-O-Mak and this weekend was no exception.  Afterall, who doesn't love any excuse to be at beautiful Ahmic lake when all of nature is in spring's first bloom?!


Dianne and Catherine are immensely grateful for our hearty group of friends who travel 4-5 hours to donate their time and expertise in order to ready Camp Ak-O-Mak for opening day.

Aaron Biggs travelled the farthest again this year.  His pick up truck was chalk a block full of tools, gadgets, chain saws, you name it.  He was equipped for any job, from sharpening chef knives to cutting down old trees.  Thanks to Aaron, all of the motorized vehicles/lawn mowers, etc at camp have been meticulously tuned up and are ready for action.  Our "backs" are especially grateful to Aaron for bringing his ATV all the way to camp.  Nothing like an ATV and a trailer to facilitate the hauling of brush and transporting the fleet of canoes!

Kudos to Sandy Tod (of Sunfield Renovations) and his helper, Herb Denny, for their work in building a roof extension over the outside sinks at Hop #1.  Campers, you will now remain dry whilst brushing your teeth and there will be no more leaves and berries dropping into the sink from the tree overhead!

Team Puckering 2015 consisted of Megan, her parents Cheryl and Mike.  Megan's beau, Nathan, also made the journey and all were invaluable in brush removal, canoe-shlepping and spring-cleaning tasks.

Rosie Thomas may be our office manager during the summer but this weekend she was a veritable "Picasso", painting the kitchen with Catherine.  Dianne acted as chief foreman keeping us all organized and focused (always a challenge).

Sandy "Counsellor" Wilder from Toronto rounded out the 'muscle' required for heavy lifting, gardening and countless other jobs.  Sandy's perpetual companion, Donzie the black lab, enjoyed swims in the lake, chasing the ATV on trips to the brush pile, then sleeping it off with friend, Winnie the Schnauzer.  It really is a dog's life. 

One of the best parts of Volunteer Work Weekend is always the grub!  This year we completely spoiled to have professional chef, Samson Mudavanhu, giving his time and talent to keep the troops well fed. 

THANK YOU, Friends!…We couldn't do it without you!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.