June 27th 2015

June 27th

What an exciting day for our campers!  Half of the camp left early this morning to head on the road to the North Bay triathlon.  The girls had an awesome day of racing and cheering on their teammates! All of the Ak-O-Makker’s did a fantastic job and raced their hearts out!  Stay tuned for the results.  After the race we all headed to the ice cream shop for a nice treat before our bus ride back to camp!

Back at camp everyone enjoyed a fun day of tennis, canoeing, softball, nucemball and a self-defense class taught by our very own black belt, Rosie!  Once the triathletes were home everyone headed down to the waterfront to bathe and jump off the tower before dinner.  We then had an awesome evening paddle in the war canoes.  After our busy day, everyone will definitely sleep well tonight! 

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.