July 1st

Happy Canada Day everyone!  We had such an awesome time today celebrating!  The morning began with a normal early bird of small boats, swimming and running.  After breakfast the campers all had a chance to learn some new stretching techniques taught by Jocelyn. 

After stretching everyone got all decked out in their red and white, grabbed their flags and we headed to Magnetewan.  While in Magnetewan we walked in a parade through the town.  It was an awesome experience as all of the girls got to hold the flag from their country while we paraded and sang all of our favourite camp cheers.  Once the parade was over the girls did a flash mob with our camp dance and we ate lunch and got ice cream!  Finally, before heading back to camp four of our youngest campers represented Ak-O-Mak in the cardboard boat race and took second place!

Back at camp Jocelyn led a running clinic for the campers and then everyone had a quick swim practice before dinner.  After a delicious dinner of roast beef, salad and roasted veggies we are now waiting to begin our counsellor fashion show!  

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.