July 3rd 2015

July 3rd

Everyone was excited this morning to hear the bell ring for breakfast after they had a nice sleep in to prepare for the 10km run against the boys.  Chikopi arrived just after breakfast and after some stretching the race began!  Our girls ran there fastest while trying to beat the boys!  It was a perfect day for a run and everyone did a fantastic job and tried their best. 

After the race, the waterfront opened up and everyone enjoyed cooling off in the water and had a great time jumping off the tower.  We then had awards and lunch with Chikopi before they paddled back home. 

This afternoon we took our camp and cabin photos quickly before an afternoon of war canoeing, paddling in the small boats, sea kayaking and paddle boarding.  After dinner the campers got a choice between archery, tennis and small boats.  It was an awesome but tiring day here at camp and everyone is sure to sleep well tonight!


10 km Race Results

Ten and under girls

Amanda J.         1st place                            44:45

Abigail G.          2nd place                          1:00:15

Sophie W.         3rd place                           1:06:26

Jolie M.               4th place                           1:06:34

Jacqueline C.   5th place                           1:06:51

Nailia K.            6th place                           1:09:16

Regina A.          7th place                           1:21:14

Jenna S.              8th place                           1:29:48

Veronica S.      9th place                           1:38:13

Aitziber F.        10th place                         1:38:14

Mariama K.      11th place                         1:40:51

Georgia B.        12th place                         1:48:52



11-12 Girls


Florence M.     1st place                            59:06

Alexi S.               2nd place                           1:04:03

Gabby C.            3rd place                           1:12:37

Itziar F.              4th place                           1:21:18

Hei-Yin G.         5th place                           1:30:21


13-14 Girls

Claire S.             1st place                            47:36

Regina D.          2nd place                           49:37

Natalia W.        3rd place                           49:47

Kate K.                              4th place                           50:43

Chloe S.              5th place                           52:01

Kosi L.                6th place                           52:04

Robin C.             7th place                           52:05

Jessica R.          8th place                           55:43

Erin B.                9th place                           55:46

Alessandra A. 10th place                         1:00:51

Hunter A.          11th place                         1:04:02

Teagan D.         12th place                         1:06:33

Mika H.              13th place                         1:09:26

Atira G.              14th place                         1:10:16

Claire P.             15th place                         1:10:55

Samantha H.   16th place                         1:11:19

Marion D.         17th place                         1:11:31

Sarah S.             18th place                         1:18:01

Ellery P.             19th place                         1:18:02

Eva S.                  20th place                         1:24:18

Abby H.             21st place                         1:43:23


15-17 Girls

Cassandra C.   1st place                            56:50

Madeleine D.   2nd place                           57:01

Abby H.             3rd place                           59:42

Carly M.             4th place                           1:00:12

Samantha G.    5th place                           1:07:10

Hana H.             6th place                           1:07:11

Paola M.            7th place                           1:09:56

Monica C.          8th place                           1:10:56

Wynn M.            9th place                           1:30:22

Hannah P.         10th place         


18 and over

Melissa              1st place                            41:43

Jocelyn S.          2nd place                           44:32

Brooke S.          3rd place                           47:20

Monica D.         4th place                           47:40

Brigette C.        5th place                           48:09

Jessica C.           6th place                           52:10

Lily A.                 7th place                           57:03

Rosie T.             8th place                           57:07

Krista S.            9th place                           57:18

MJ C.                    10th place                         57:21

Catherine M.   11th place                         1:00:11

Collette D.        12th place                         1:10:13

Molly S.              13th place                         1:11:32

Gillian T.           14th place                         1:40:01


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