July 8th, 2015

July 8th

What a fantastic day spent in the sun!  After an early bird of paddling, swimming, running and mountain biking everyone headed into the main house for a breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit. 

With our two week campers leaving this morning the campers remaining at camp said their goodbyes before everyone loaded the boats to paddle over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for the day.  Once we arrived the girls all had a swim practice and enjoyed using the water slides and trampolines at the lodge after swim practice finished.  Afterwards everyone ate lunch that the kitchen packed up for us and then enjoyed an afternoon eating ice cream and playing in the rapids.

Once back at camp we ate a delicious dinner before an evening of small boats practice for the regatta this Saturday and paddle boarding and gunnel bobbing.  It was a wonderful day in the sun and we are all hoping for some more beautiful weather this week!    

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.