July 13th, 2015

July 13th

Today at Ak-O-Mak, the girls were busy with activity!  This morning we were excited to host the annual Chikopi Ak-O-Mak Triathlon.  The girls suited up and prepared for the big event by doing a warm-up paddle or swim for Early Bird.  After a light breakfast and a quick clean of the cabins, we headed down to Sandy Beach to start the race and BEAT THE BOYS.  The race included a short swim to Orange Rock and back, a run from Ak-O-Mak Road down a kilometer and back to camp, and a solo paddle in a dazzling green and orange canoe from Sandy Beach to Monster Rock and back.  The girls demonstrated they are TOUGH ENOUGH and did an outstanding job.  After awards and a delicious lunch, the girls rested up for a fun afternoon of choice periods.  The periods included water aerobics, volleyball, badminton, synchronized swim, sailing, diving and croquet (no brightly colored flamingos harmed in this game!) For evening activity the girls got in a bit of war canoe and small boat practice before an early bedtime, due to an exciting camp tradition happening tomorrow!  

Chikopi-Akomak Triathlon Results



Amanda J.                1st place        51:14

Abigail G.                 2nd place      57:08

Jolie M.                     3rd place       57:55

Naila K.                     4th place       1:09:05

Aitziber F.                5th place       1:10:38

Veronica S.              6th place       1:15:37

Regina A.                 7th place       1:18:26

Jenna S.                    8th place       1:20:21

Jacqueline C.           9th place       1:23:40

Georgia B.                10th place    1:36:28


11-12 Girls

Regina D.                 1st place        54:32

Lexi S.                       2nd place      56:04

Florence M.             3rd  place      1:01:00

Itziar F.                     4th  place      1:03:15

Claire W.                  5th place       1:03:46

Ximena D.                6th place       1:16:10


13-14 Girls

Claire S.                    1st place        43:11

Robin C.                    2nd place      44:13

Trinity Z.                   3rd place       44:57

Erin B.                       4th place       45:57

Jessica R.                  5th place       48:08

Kadia B.                    6th place       48:38

Marion D.                  7th place       53:29

Teagan D.                 8th place       53:40 (CHIKOPI)

Kosi L.                       9th place       54:34

Sarah S.                    10th place    57:36

Maya G.                    11th place    58:33

Samantha H.            12th place    58:38

Hunter A.                  13th place    59:22

Atira G.                      14th place    59:31

Abby H.                     15th place    1:09:11


15 + GIRLS

Jocelyn S.                 1st place        40:54

Abby H.                    2nd place      45:22

Marina D.                 3rd place       46:53

Carly M.                   4th place       48:58

Paola M.                   5th place       54:03

Arianne C.                6th place       56:11

Natasha L.               7th place       57:12

Andrea B.                8th place       59:46

Mariana V.              9th place       1:02:19

Wynn M.                  10th place    1:05:02



Mario M.                   1ST                  39:56

Jocelyn S.                 2nd                  40:54

Kyle S.                       3rd                  41:48

Claire S.                    4th                   43:11

Charlie N.                  5th                   43:14

Jorge B.                     6th                   43:41

Robin C.                   7th                   44:13

Bronis M.                  8th                   44:51

Trinity Z.                   9th                   44:57

Jake S.                     10th                45:10


Abby H.                    11th                45:22


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