July 14th, 2015

July 14th

What an adventurous day!  Everyone awoke this morning for a 7:30am breakfast so that we would have enough time after breakfast to swim and or/paddle to Magnetewan and back before dinner. 

We had 10 swimmers depart around 8:30am for the 9-mile swim.  The swimmers were Wynne M., Abby H., Jessica R., Robin C., Abby H., Arianne C., Marion D., Samantha H., Erin B., and Sarah S.  All completed the swim in under 4 hours and had a tiring but fantastic time.  Meanwhile, everyone else had a great time paddling the 9-miles while listening to music and singing along.

Once everyone had arrived at Magnetewan we ate a lunch packed by the kitchen and then everyone got some money to get ice cream before paddling back to camp.  The paddle back was definitely an interesting one since the wind picked up as we were about 2 miles away from camp.  A few boats were able to paddle hard and make it back to camp while the rest ended up getting shuttled back.  All of the girls had some hilarious stories of their adventures and we all enjoyed laughing while hearing the stories after dinner.  It was then some cabin bonding before bed and an early bedtime to rest up for the Tri-Wizard tournament tomorrow at Hog-O-Mak! 

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.