July 15th 2015

July 15th

We had an extra special day at Hog-O-Mak because it was the Tri-Wizard tournament.  After a normal early bird of swimming, running and biking the girls then enjoyed a delicious breakfast of eggs benedict before two normal morning periods filled with swimming, field hockey, tennis and hiking.   During third period the tournament began with the first task – a quidditch tournament with all of the houses.  In the end it was Long John Long Bottoms who won the quidditch tournament and defeated the fifth horcrux. 

After lunch and rest hour the second task was a mini treasure hunt, where the houses all had to solve riddles and trivia questions to find the golden egg and defeat the sixth horcux.  Dobby’s Socks and Sons were the quickest to find the egg and took home the gold in the second task.  Finally, the tournament ended with the third task – a game of barbarians!  It was an intense match but Beasts of the Forbidden Forest ended up winning by one point, defeating the seventh and final horcrux, Harry Potter himself.

Finally, after a long day of wizarding for team comp everyone headed up to dinner to see that the mainhouse had been transformed into the Great Hall at Hogwarts.  The girls all enjoyed a celebratory dinner with their teams after a fantastic Tri-Wizard tournament.   

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.