Phone Calling

Phone Calling


Yesterday there were bittersweet "Goodbyes" said to our friends leaving after the 4 week session.  It is always sad to see camp friends depart but we are happy to be left with such WONDERFUL memories!  Until we meet again next year, girls!….

Today the sun is shining and we are giving Ak-O-Mak a tidy-up to welcome parents and their campers arriving for the 3 week session!  We will have a "full house" by dinner time and we can't wait to "raise the roof" with those extra singing voices! 

Calling On The Telephone…

There is good news and there is bad news. 

First the 'bad' news:  Out of respect for the newly arriving campers who need time to work through missing home, there will be NO phone calls for the next 10 days.  Parents of 7- Weekers, we appreciate your understanding with this policy as it is difficult for a child struggling with first-time-homesickness to see other campers jumping up to receive a call from home. 

The 'good' news:  Phone calls will resume on Sunday, August 2nd! 

Phone calls are only taken during meal times except Sunday nights when we are out at campfire.  The camper number is (705) 387-1919.  The phone "rings" when it is busy, so keep trying if you do not get through.  

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.