July 22nd & July 23rd

July 22nd and 23rd

The past two days have been hectic but quite fun with some beautiful weather!  Yesterday was an exciting travel day with over fifty campers arriving by car, plane and bus.  Camp was filled with excited squeals and hugs as campers reunited after the year and others arriving for the first time got to meet their counsellors and fellow cabin-mates.  We then had a delicious stir-fry dinner in a very full mainhouse, followed by singing tons of our favourite songs.  That evening each of the cabins got to do some cabin bonding activities so that everyone could get to know each other.

This morning we awoke to the bell for an early bird of swimming, running, and biking for all of the returning campers while the new campers went on a full camp tour.  We then had a yummy breakfast of egg mcmuffins and fresh fruit before inspection.  The girls are now busy in their morning classes of swimming, soccer, softball, archery, tennis, and mountain biking.  We are all excited to take advantage of the beautiful weather this afternoon by participating in some of our favourite activities on the water.   

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.