July 27th 2015

July 27th

It was yet another beautiful, hot, sunny day here at camp!  We started the day off with a sleep in until breakfast and then everyone headed down to the waterfront. The campers then warmed up for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour race against the Chikopi boys or jumped into canoes with the counsellors to paddle for the swimmers.


The lake was completely flat and very warm – which was awesome for the race and the girls dominated!  8 out of 10 of the top campers were girls!  It was the perfect race to show the boys what Ak-O-Mak girls can do! 


After the race everyone paddled or ran/walked back to camp for open waterfront and then awards, followed by a delicious lunch with Chikopi.  Once we finished lunch Chikopi paddled back home and we had a nice rest hour out of the sun before an afternoon of sailing, road biking, canoeing, kayaking and diving.


It’s now time for the soccer team to practice for their upcoming game against Chikopi while the rest of the camp plays Smugglers and Spies on the backfields before a dip in the lake to cool off before bed.    





10 and under girls

Tori B.                        1st place          1:06:53

Amanda J.       2nd place         1:10:13

Catrice B.        3rd place         1:15:38

Charlotte R.    4th place          1:25:21

Carmella Y.     5th place          1:31:02


11 – 12 Girls

Diana P.          1s t place        1:06:23

Emma C.         2nd place         1:06:55

Alanna C.        3rd place         1:07:13

Gracey S.        4th place          1:08:36

Lucy M.           5th place          1:10:03

Alina A.           6th place          1:10:53

Frankie D.      7th place          1:10:55

Gabby C.         8th place          1:11:27

Camryn P.       9th place          1:11:33

Elyse T.           10th place       1:16:15

Aislinn M.       11th place       1:16:43

Ayden R.         12th place       1:21:54

Lauren C.        13th place       1:22:18

Aditi P.            14th place       1:26:26

Casey M.         15th place       1:26:22

Noelle Y.         16th place       1:30:44

Isabella B.       17th place       1:31:40

Itziar F.           18th place       1:46:21

Sarah L.          19th place       2:12:27


13-14 Girls

Erin B.             1st place          54:56

Trinity Z.        2nd place         57:26

Marion D.       3rd place         57:27

Robin C.          4th place          57:53

Sarah S.          5th place          57:59

Jessica R.        6th place          59:28

Emma G.         7th place          1:01:49

Lauren A.       8th place          1:02:15

Cassie G.         9th place          1:02:26

Charlotte B.    10th place       1:03:46

Anushri P.      11th place       1:03:53

Gabrielle E.     12th place       1:05:18

Amber P.        13th place       1:05:19

Madeleine Y.  14th place       1:06:22

Neve V.           15th place       1:06:43

Eva S.              16th place       1:06:50

Sloanne C.      17th place       1:07:35

Maya G.           18th place       1:09:57

Amanda M.     19th place       1:13:42

Keira M.          20th place       1:16:46

Sangavi M.      21st place        1:17:10

Teagan D.       22nd place       1:30:27


GIRLS 15-17

Arianne C.      1st place          59:29

Wynn M.         2nd place         1:00:06

Abby H.           3rd place         1:04:05

Grace P.          4th place          1:06:18

Samuelle F.     5th place          1:07:09

Marina D.       6th place          1:08:54

Mackenna A.  7th place          1:09:14

Abby H.           8th place          1:12:01

Paola M.          9th place          1:12:18

Olivia D.          10th place       1:13:19

Isabella C.       11th place       1:18:32

Mariana V.      12th place       1:29:24



Erin B.             1st  place         54:56

Trinity Z.        2nd  place        57:26

Marion D.       3rd  place        57:27

Robin C.          4th place          57:53

Sarah S.          5th place          57:59

Jessica R.        6th place          59:28

Arianne C.      7th place          59:29

Kyle S.             8th place          59:49

Wynn M.         9th place          1:00:06

Grier K.           10th place       1:00:50           

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