July 29th 2015

July 29th

Our morning started out with an early bird of biking, running and swimming on a perfectly flat lake.   It was a very fast morning and many of the swimmers and runners went best times.  After early bird, breakfast and inspection, the sailing team headed back up to the main house for a sailing meeting and then an early lunch.  Once their lunch was finished they headed down to get their boats ready before heading out onto the course for a little practice.  Eventually the boats all headed to Chikopi to begin the race.  It was an awesome race with a perfect amount of wind!  The girls were fantastic and did a great job racing against the experienced Chikopi boats.  After the race we all gathered on shore for awards and cookies before sailing back to Ak-O-Mak for dinner.

Meanwhile back at camp the girls enjoyed regular morning classes of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, volleyball and lacrosse.  After classes, lunch and rest hour the girls all headed down to the boathouse for an afternoon of paddling.  Everyone got to both war canoe and practice in a small boat.  It was a new experience for many of our 3 weekers and everyone seemed to enjoy learning a new skill. 

After a delicious stir fry dinner we had a soccer practice in preparation for our game against the boys while everyone else played softball, got their strokes corrected by Jocelyn, our fantastic athletic director, or headed out for a mountain bike with Blair.    

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.