July 31st

What an exciting day to be at Ak-O-Mak as it was our first annual Colour Run with Chikopi!  After lunch and a short rest hour Chikopi paddled over to Ak-O-Mak and we began the Colour Run.  Everyone was looking good in their white shirts, sunglasses, colourful accessories and painted faces as they took off for the 5km run where they got coloured powder thrown at them.  As the campers arrived back at camp for a dance party everyone was covered in blue, pink, yellow, orange, and purple paint from head to toe.  Once everyone had finished the run each person got a cup of powdered paint to throw up in the air all at once!   It was a very exciting afternoon, filled with tons of laughter, paint throwing and dancing. 

Once all of the paint had been thrown the group headed down to the waterfront to clean off before dinner.  It was then time for a delicious dinner before starting the annual soccer game.  In the end the Chikopi boys pulled ahead and won the game but it wasn’t without a fight from the girls.  It was a great game and our cheer section did a fantastic job encouraging our players.  Now it’s time to get a good sleep before we head to Barrie tomorrow morning for the Kempenfest swim!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.