August 8th and 9th

August 8th and 9th

Yesterday morning the girls woke up and had a fantastic early bird.  The water was flat and a gorgeous temperature, and many went best times.  After breakfast and a longer inspection, everyone headed down to the bike shed and helped pack the bikes into the U-Haul.  The bikes were packed and the girls dove into the water for a quick swim practice and early lunch.  The busses arrived and the girls piled in with their game faces on, ready to take on the Barrie Triathlon! We arrived in Barrie, walked through the course with our triathlon coach extraordinaire, Jocelyn, and headed to the Market buffet for dinner.  The girls carb loaded and then we checked into the hotel so that the girls could get a good sleep before the race.

This morning the wake up call came bright and early at 5:30am.  We all met in the lobby of the hotel and ate a quick breakfast before heading to Barrie.  The girls set up their transition areas and grabbed their cap and goggles.  All of Ak-O-Mak wore their bright green, orange and pink caps so it was easy to spot each girl swimming through Kempenfelt Bay.  The girls all did an amazing job and represented Ak-O-Mak with great sportsmanship, grace and athleticism.  We couldn’t be prouder of their performance today! After everyone finished their races, we ate lunch and then headed to awards.  Once awards finished off and we sang a few more camp cheers we loaded the buses to head back to camp, after a well deserved Dairy Queen stop. Once we got home it was time for cookout and our last campfire of the seven week session.  We are all looking forward to enjoying our two final days at camp.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.