We Welcome you all to our camp…

We Welcome you all to our camp

We welcome you all to our camp, and we hope you're for our Ak-O-Mak, for we know it's the best of all camps East and West and we're loyal to our Ak-O-mak!

Today has been an arrival day for the record books! 

The air was buzzing with excitement this morning with the anticipation of today's camper arrivals. After a few finishing touches on welcome signs and inspection posters the staff filed up to the Main House to anxiously wait for the girls to arrive and their cabins to be filled.

Once the first campers begun to file into camp the excitement was palpable. Old friends were reunited with big hugs and and warm hellos and new friends were quickly welcomed by counesllors and fellow campers. Each camper was shown the cabin that will serve as their home-away-from-home for the next to weeks and, like Goldy Locks, found a bed that is just right. 

Mother Nature was clearly just as excited as we were about arrival day and the sun shone bright all day! 

Carrying trunks down the cabin line and getting unpacked can build up quite a sweat so many cabins cooled off in the beautiful Ahmic Lake. With the loud ring of the bell it was time for dinner in the Main House, some introductions to the counesllor and staff team, and announcements about many of the exciting programs to come in the next two weeks (a triathlon, colour run, and new and improved early bird…just in case you were wondering).

Tonight the girls enjoyed the waterfront exploring on paddle boards, testing their balance gunnell bobbing singing songs from shore, and jumping off the diving tower. Now the campers are in their cabins spending time getting to know one and other. 

Tomorrow brings on a new set of adventures!

Sweet dreams and happy camping,

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.