August 19th 2015

August 19th

It was another great day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak. This morning started with a fantastic Early Bird, many girls set new personal best times for the one and two mile swim, and other campers took the opportunity to hone their road or mountain biking skills.

After breakfast it was time for each cabins three morning classes; waterpolo, triathlon transitions, road cycling, zumba, self defense, synchronized swimming, and diving! Our youngest cabin had diving and were determined to learn to dive from the 10-foot diving platform, they hung onto every instruction that their coach gave them, thoroughly practiced the proper approach to the end of the diving board, and carefully executed pencil jumps, pikes, and dives off of the diving board until they were ready to approach the platform. Each of the girls practically perfectly dove from the 10-foot platform! They were all beyond excited and so anxious for the next open waterfront where they could show all of the older campers who have yet to dive from the platform!

In the afternoon we headed across the lake on a paddling adventure to Ahmic Lake Lodge! Everyone from camp filed into our beautiful cedar strip canoes to make the trip to the lodge and some campers chose to swim the 1.5 mile trip. Once we arrived everyone enjoyed a well deserved ice cream cone and spent the rest of the afternoon splashing and playing in the rapids or enjoying the sunshine. The paddle back posed a whole new adventure as there was a strong head-wind roaring across the lake. But not strong enough to  discourage an Ak-O-Mak girl! Once again we filed into our orange and green canoes to head back to camp for dinner. With heads down and music up everyone paddled hard and sang harder, laughing and singing as we rolled over the small waves. With a few minutes until dinner the campers enjoyed the diving board and diving tower before the bell rang for dinner.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.