August 20th, 2015

August 20th

This morning camp seemed to wake up before the sunshine. After shining down on us since the beginning of the session it must have been a bit tired and ready for a sleep-in. The air and water were still warm and beautiful and welcomed everyone for their Early Bird swims and runs.

Breakfast was an exciting time as many of the girls chose to swim one or two miles for the very first time and could barely contain their excitement when sharing with their friends and being recognized by their fellow campers and counselors who were praising their accomplishments.

Once the girls had made their way down to their cabins to get ready for inspection the skies opened up and it began to pour. So instead of their usual morning classes the campers came to the Main House to watch NBC's coverage of the 2013 Ironman World Championships. Before watching the race our swim coach and athletic director Jocelyn Saunders took the opportunity to tell the girls about her experience in swimming, triathlons, and competing in 24 Ironman races.

After lunch the rain has cleared and the girls had swim practice and two other periods of activities including; soccer, kickball, triathlon transitions, zumba. During third period a group of campers and counselors went into Parry Sound for road bike time-trial. It is a 16 km rolling course and the girls had a blast! This gave them the opportunity to experience speed training on the bicycle. The rest of the camp headed to the backfields for evening games!

Tomorrow morning we're off across the lake to Camp Chikopi for the Knopfli 1 mile swim race against the boys!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.