August 21st, 2015

August 21st,

Today's Early Bird was…a sleep in! All of the campers and counselors had a few extra minutes of sleep and then came into the Main House for some yummy, pre-race blueberry pancakes.

After breakfast it was time to get ready to make our way over to Camp Chikopi to beat the boys in the Knoepfli 1 mile swim. Nothing quite compares to the cheers of campers and staff before a big race. "A-K, A-K, A-K-O-M, O-M, O-M, O-M-A-K, Ak-O-Mak, Ak-O-Mak WHOOO!" I'm sure our cheering could be heard all across Ahmic Lake.

Then the Ak-O-Mak and Chikopi campers all got into the water at the starting line, eyeing down the fastest route through the channel to Knoepfli. Some campers like to aim for a specific cottage, while others swear that if you stay in the middle of the channel it's the fastest route. Either way, "BANG" and they were off toward the finish line 1 mile away.

Counsellors at both camps paddled along side the campers, cheering them on and directing them toward the fastest route. It was a great race! The girls swam hard and some really challenged themselves by striving for new personal bests or swimming the Knoepfli Mile for the very first time.

Once campers finished the race they all headed back to Chikopi for some lunch and the afternoons events – Field Day.

All of the campers from both camps were divided into teams and competed against each other in various competitions and relays. At the end it was the annual Tug-of-war competition between Camp Chikopi and Camp Ak-O-Mak. This year we were surprised with a fun twist of it being only staff vs. staff. The counselors grabbed the rope for the first tug of war and on the horn dug their heels into the ground and heaved and hoed as hard as they possibly could. After what seemed like minutes the rope started to inch in the direction of the boys camp and the first victory went to the boys. Campers on both sides demanded a rematch and Dianne, Catherine, Jocelyn, Rosie and Hayley joined in to support the counselors. The Chikopi counselors pulled in some reinforcements of their own and this time it was winner take all (pride that is).

The horn sounded and Camp Ak-O-Mak stood their ground firm, slowly trying to gain the momentum to creep our way backwards and pull the boys over the line. Another "HEAVE" and we didn't seem to budge, "HEAVE" again and suddenly we're able to take 1/2 a step backwards…then we're tugged forward by the Chikopi counselors. 1, 2, 3 "PULL" and slowly but surely we're pulling the boys over our direction. The Ak-O-Mak staff wins the tug-of war and the camp erupts with cheers and screams! It was then time to head back to camp for a bit of a rest, some open waterfront, and dinner. It's been another packed day here at Ak-O-Mak and the girls have gone to bed ready to take on their next adventures.




Bailey O’                              1st place                                32:13

Devon B                               2nd place                               35:39

Ella M                                  3rd place                               38:28

Abigail O                              4th place                               44:16

Madison Mc                        5th place                               44:41

Mikayla Mc                        6th place                               1:03:11


GIRLS 11-12


Elke O                                            1st place                                26:38

Kali M                                            2nd place                               27:52

Alana O                                         3rd place                               28:55

Yayla D                                         4th place                               29:47

Lola C                                           5th place                               30:49

Chelsea M                                    6th place                               32:36

Sarah W                                        7th place                               33:26

Jenna W                                        8th place                               35:45

Rachel T                                        9th place                               38:26


GIRLS 13-15


Haley S                                           1st place                                24:41

Emma S                                         2nd place                               25:19

Sara A                                            3rd place                               26:05

Kathryn A                                       4th place                               26:18

Olivia L                                           5th place                               26:25

Elana G                                          6th place                               26:35

Anna D                                          7th place                               27:02

Marni G                                          8th place                               27:22

Jordan S                                        9th place                               28:47

Hailey C                                       10th place                             29:57

Nikita S                                         11th place                             30:07

Mattie W                                       12th place                             30:12

Caroline M                                    13th place                             30:13

Emma W                                      14th place                             30:14

Alicia C                                        15th place                             30:21


GIRLS  15 +


Jessica C                                          1st place                                24:32

Olivia O                                            2nd place                               25:17

Lauren S                                          3rd place                               25:15

Hailey N                                           4th place                               26:07

Annie R                                            5th place                               27:31

Ashlynn M                                       6th place                               27:59

Lianna G                                         7th place                               29:48

Jodie Mc                                         8th place                               1:03:12




Sabastian P                                     1st place                                20:32

Brett S                                             2nd place                               22:44

Tyler S                                            3rd place                               24:04

Marius C                                         4th place                               24:05

Pablo C                                           5th place                               24:07

Jarod S                                           6th place                               24:18

Rowan H                                        7th place                               24:24

Jessica C                                        8th place                               24:32

Haley S                                          9th place                               24:41

Lauren S                                       10th place                             25:15

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