August 26th, 2015

August 26th

Today we had a great day, packed full of activities!

As the session approaches the end inspection has become a highly competitive morning activity and cabins have gone above and beyond to keep their cabins and the rest of camp clean.

This morning we squeezed in every awesome activity that we possibly could. Cabins had rugby, sailing, tennis, war canoe, basketball, and SWIMMING! Cabin one also had a leadership workshop so that they could work toward becoming CIT's in the future. After the workshop the girls were extremely excited about the possibility of becoming part of the staff team in the next couple of summers. After a very active morning it was time for a tasty lunch, and a trip to the candy store.

The afternoon, the 11 -13 age bracket competed in the tennis tournament, and then cabin one lead the rest of camp in two zany periods of activities – kick ball, capture the flag, "frat boy frisbee", and zumba karaoke. At the end of the afternoon the campers who had made it to the tennis finals competed for the Ak-O-Mak cup. At the end, special guest Serena MacWilliams came dressed in her garbage bag tennis shirt, grasping her racquet with her electrical tape-manicured finger nails all the way from Long Island to compete against the winner.

Then it was time for a Who-Mak feast! Every one at camp came dressed in a Who-costume and got a mystery Who-tensil to eat with for the feast. It turned out we were dining on a dandelion with Horton and during the Who-Mak feast team comp teams re-wrote songs from the camp songbook to sing so that Horton could hear us. After supper was a game of Barbaloot-arians (or Barbarians) and a bath in the lake to get all of the sand out from everywhere.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.