August 27th, 2015

August 27th, 2015

Sitting in my cabin I can hear the team comp teams attempting to decipher camp clues that seem to look like hieroglyphics. "Is it glasses because Jessica can't see?", "Is it a scull and crossbones?", "Is it golf shirts because Dianne has so many golf shirts?". As the clue finally makes sense the campers are running to the next location to lead them to their next clue. This afternoon has been the finale to a two-week camp-wide competition. The final competition is the ever-popular, Treasure Hunt! Teams, run, swim, and bike all around camp from one clue to another. Teams work quickly together to try and locate as many clues as possible before time runs out. It's getting close to the finish and teams are working hurriedly to finish the very last clue.

This morning we had a whole camp swim practice and choice class periods so that campers could try out something new before the last days of camp or have one more chance to participate in an activity that they really enjoyed. The campers had the options to play volleyball, Quiddich, archery, self defense with Rosie, or go out in a war canoe. The girls that went sailing were out for two periods and had the perfect amount of wind to head out on a real adventure. With only a couple more days left of camp everyone is trying to squeeze in a few more minutes of all of the activities that they enjoy.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.