How Did YOU Spend Your Summer?

How Did YOU Spend Your Summer?

It is the question asked first and foremost as everyone returns to school in September.  Crisp, new binders and books will be "cracked" this week and, for most, the initial writing assignment will be a description of the way in the student passed the dog days of summer. 

Ak-O-Mak Girls will certainly have a LOT to write about!

I imagine that many will suppress a giggle or two before tackling their assignment as they remember the hilarious stories during the paddle home from the 'Mag Swim', or the antics between Chikopi and Ak-O-Mak after the soccer game.  Remember when your bunk mate cracked everyone up right before 'lights out'?  Every girl has her stories and it is these shared tales of hilarity, challenge and success that make the ever-lasting memories of camp!  

It has been 4 weeks since the buses and the last car departed under the Ak-O-Mak gate.  An unnatural quiet fell upon camp.  Strangely, it is this silence rather than the calendar or the season that signals the end of camp.  No more cabin doors with that "squeeaak-SLAM" so characteristic of camp and cottage life.  The waterfront is silent save for the soft clucking of the dozen or so Merganser ducks as they scout the shoreline for minnows.  Although we are awed by the natural beauty of Ahmic Lake we realize that we miss you!  We miss the peels of laughter emanating from across the bay as you swam off the water polo dock at night.  We miss the riotous singing in the Main House and your beautiful faces in avatar blue and bubblegum pink after the colour runs.

We hope that each and every one of our Ak-O-Mak girls had a summer to remember.  We have done our job if you have something special to write about on YOUR first day of school!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.