Triathlon and Biking News

Hey Akomakkers!


We have record numbers of you participating in the various triathlons, at ALL levels, this summer!

Coach Jocelyn has suggested some equipment items you may want to bring with you, IF YOU ALREADY OWN THEM…otherwise, NO WORRIES, Camp Ak-O-Mak will cover the basics.


In order to remember what you will need, think:  "Head and shoulders, Knees and Toes!"…



*Bike Jersey

*Race belt

*Biking shorts


*Triathlon lace-locks

*Your own bike (if you prefer)


We are excited to announce that Camp Ak-O-Mak will be sporting some snazzy new ROAD bikes this summer, perfect for your training and race day!  


Remember, the great thing about camp is that the ONLY thing you MUST bring is YOU!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.