Volunteer Work Weekend a Success

Volunteer Work Weekend a Success

Dianne and Catherine would like to express a heartfelt THANKS to the 14 friends of Ak-O-Mak who participated in our volunteer work weekend.

This annual event is an opportunity for us to put a "dent" in the chore list for opening camp.  As a group, we were able to "hammer out" a number of projects, proving that "many hands DO make light work!"

We had fantastic weather for 5 days straight and the beautiful lake breezes kept the bugs in the bush and off of the workers, just the way we like it.  It was so nice that Rosie and the Puckering Clan swam every day and the only squealing heard was from the flock of seagulls near Monster Rock….(Uh, Mike, that wasn't YOU, was it??).

Dianne kept everyone on task and organized.  She knows where everything is and how everything goes together and managed to supervise while answering phone calls from parents inquiring about camp!

Samson was the Chef Extraordinaire and kept us all well fed with the assistance of his sister and acting sous chef, Joyce!  We were all pleased to act as "guinea pigs" for a few yummy items that, having been given "double thumbs up" by the group, will be added to the Camp Menu this summer.  You will not be disappointed!

Sandi- "Counsellor"-Wilder brought her muscle, enthusiasm and her black lab, 'Donzie', to the weekend.  Donzie said he had a "paws-itively wonderful vay-cay, in and out of the lake all day and eating delectable droppings from the buffet table.


Emma, Hannah and mom, Sheryl,  were the perfect-painting-Puckering-people, and managed to avoid spilling a drop.  Catherine on the other hand…..

Thanks also to Jeff Manning, Mike Puckering and Herb Denny for the heavy-lifts and technical fixes all weekend and to Jim Fraser and his maintenance crew for help all around, every day.

We could not accomplish so much…

in so little time…

with so many laughs…

without you!

Thank you!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.