July 1, 2016

The girls have had a very busy first couple of days! Our campers all arrived on Wednesday and got to know one another as they got settled in their cabins. We started Thursday morning with an earlybird of swimming, running and biking. The new campers went on a tour of camp to get acquainted with things and get to know one another. After breakfast we started our morning classes, and the girls got to try out soccer, canoeing, archery and of course swimming! The weather was great on Thursday so in the afternoon we did a bit of sailing, paddling, diving and tennis. Thursday evening ended with some games on the backfield for the entire camp, and we finished with some partner tag. The rain held off for earlybird on Friday morning, and the girls were able to enjoy swimming, running and biking. After a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast the girls had a relaxing yoga session before we headed off to Magnetawan for the Canada Day Parade! The rain didn't slow us down, and we marched through the town singing camp songs and representing all of our different countries. After some lunch and ice cream we headed back to camp for a fun-filled afternoon of team comp! The theme for this session is Finding Nemo, and the teams came up with fantastic skits and cheers to start us off. It has been a wonderful start to summer and we can't wait for all of the activities to come! 

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.