June 26th and 27th


With the safe arrival of all of our campers it is safe to say that Camp 2013 has officially begun!  Yesterday the staff waited anxiously for all the campers to arrive and move into their cabins.  The girls settled into their cabins, played some games and enjoyed swimming in the lake until dinnertime.   After a delicious dinner of lasagna and ceasar salad the girls had one more chance to take a quick jump in the lake to cool off before heading to bed. 


When the bell rang this morning for early bird the girls sprang out of bed ready to start the first full day of camp!  The new campers went on a full camp tour while the returning campers swam, ran or biked and then headed to the main house for breakfast.  As I type the campers are busy in their morning classes playing tennis, volleyball, soccer and of course SWIMMING … YAY!  We are all excited to see what fun things the afternoon will have in store for us!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.