July 3, 2016

Today started very early for the girls headed to day 2 of the North Bay Triathlon, with a 5:00 wake up. They arrived in North Bay ready to compete and had a great time. They arrived back to camp in time for some diving and yoga before lunch. The girls who stayed at camp had a regular 7:00 wake up for earlybird, followed by breakfast and inspection. They headed off to morning classes of zumba, paddle-boarding, kayaking, basketball and rugby. After lunch everyone enjoyed rest hour before swim practice and dry land. Swimming was followed by paddling! The girls got to try out war canoe, as well as some of the smaller racing canoes and kayaks. In the evening we had our first cookout! Our chef made his famous burgers and a delicious cake decorated like the American flag. The girls got a chance to sing some camp songs and listen to cabin 1 speak about friendship. We also heard some stories from those who competed in the triathlons this weekend. Overall it was a great day! 

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.