July 9th

The girls enjoyed an earlybird of biking and running this morning, before the weather decided not to cooperate. It was mostly rainy all day but that gave everyone time to rest for the 10km run tomorrow! After breakfast and inspection, the girls had a choice between swim practice and dryland. After that everyone headed up to the mainhouse to watch the Kona Ironman documentary! It's a camp favourite and always makes everyone feel inspired. After lunch and rest hour everyone headed back up to the mainhouse to avoid the rain and have a fun team comp activity! When the campers got there Ak-O-Mak's Got Talent was all set up! Everyone had a chance to show off their talents in the form of song, dance, comedy or oddball. It was hilarious at times and so great to learn about everyones hidden talents. For evening activity we continued watching the Ironman movie that we couldn't finish in the morning. After that everyone headed to bed to get some rest for tomorrow! 


Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.