North Bay Triathlon

June 29th North Bay Triathlon

What a great day we all had yesterday!  The bell rang at 7:15 and we changed things up a bit, instead of heading down to the water for early bird we all made our way up to the main house for an early breakfast.  Yummy waffles hit the spot for breakfast and then the thirty-five campers competing in the North Bay triathlon grabbed all their gear and loaded the bus.  The Kids of Steel race was first so the older campers worked with the younger girls to get their transition zones set up and after a few Ak-O-Mak cheers the race was on its way.  The girls swam, biked and ran their hearts out while the others cheered them on.  After the Kids of Steel triathlon was over we all enjoyed lunch and then the older campers and counselors who were competing in the Try-A-Tri pre-rode the course and got ready for their own race.  Before the race our cheers, “AK-AK-AKOM-OM-OM-OM-AK, AK-O-MAK, AK-O-MAK, WOO!” echoed all over the course.  The cheering did not stop there though, and once the Try-A-Tri had begun the younger campers could be heard cheering on every section of the course.  After an amazing race from everyone who participated we headed off to the awards ceremony. Followed closely by loading the bikes and the bus and headed for some well deserved ice cream at a nearby ice cream shop!  What a treat after a busy race and cheering day!  Once back at camp we enjoyed a late dinner and headed down to the cabins for an early bed time!


TRY-A-TRI GIRLS 15 and under


Alessandra M., 38:46

Elizabeth W., 40:55

Samantha G., 41:35

Grace P., 42:41

Abby H., 43:21

Paola M., 44:02

Ursula M., 44:20

Gillian K., 46:38

Lili-Anna M., 47:05

Wynn M., 55:00


TRY-A-TRI GIRLS 15 and over


Brooke S., 34:26

Madison H., 36:06

Katie P., 36:17

Sarabeth H., 38:13

Solange M., 38:36

Rachel M., 39:13

Catherine G., 39:19

Alexa M., 39:33

Charlotte E., 39:55

Emily C., 43:26

Riley W., 45:09

Molly L., 53:00

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