July 12, 2016

It was an early start for the group of campers heading to North Bay for paddling. They had breakfast at 6:30 before heading off, and they spent the day training with the North Bay paddlers as well as taking some soccer breaks. They had a fantastic day and everyone learned a lot. They arrived back at camp just in time for dinner. The group of campers that stayed at camp enjoyed an early bird of running and swimming before breakfast. Afterwards they had a longer inspection so the 2 weekers had some time to pack before their departure tomorrow. We had morning classes of swimming, rugby, paddle boarding and a competitive game of soccer between cabins 3 and 4. In the afternoon after rest hour everyone participated in a camp wide obstacle course! It was a ton of fun to climb under benches, hula hoop, somersault and much more! It was a very warm day so the campers had a chance to jump in the lake before a relaxing yoga class. We opened up the waterfront for the campers before dinner to cool off. It was an eventful day for everyone, and this evening we gave the campers a chance to pack and bond with their campers on some of their last nights. Tomorrow a large group heads out to Niagara Falls for the day! 


Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.