July 1st, Happy Birthday Canada!

July 1st, Happy Birthday Canada!

Today was quite an exciting day for the girls as it was Canada Day!  After our routine early bird and a delicious breakfast a group of girls cycled to Magnetawan while the remainder of the camp loaded the bus and headed to the Mag for the Canada Day parade.  What an honour to participate in the parade carrying of course our Canadian Flag and the flags of all the countries that we have represented at camp this summer- United States, France, Mexico, Spain, China, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  Everyone looked amazing decked out with with maple leaves and Canada painted on their faces.   You could hear our favourite Ak-O-Mak cheers all along the parade route. Such fun!


After the parade we enjoyed lunch.  Canada Day festivities wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the ice cream store for a cold treat.  Once we had our fill of every flavor under the sun, we headed down to the Magnetawan waterfront where four of our youngest campers, Olivia K., Amanda J., Jolie M., and Carly A. raced in the cardboard box boat race. They represented Ak-O-Mak very well even though both boats were quite water logged forcing the girls to kick them in to the finish.  The girls then had the opportunity to swim for a while and check out all of the Canada Day festivities in the park before heading back to camp.


Once back at camp the girls had a much needed rest hour after such an exciting day away from camp.  Before dinner Coach Jocelyn lead the girls in a running clinic to help prepare them for the next triathlon we are racing in this coming weekend.  After dinner the girls had a chance to finish preparing their skits before heading to bed.  Everyone is excited to see what tomorrow has in store for us!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.