August 20, 2016

The first day of the two week session has come to a close, and what a great first day it was!

Quickly after lunch campers began arriving. 

One by one their new counsellors took them down to their cabin. The girls got settled into their cabins, found the comfiest bunk to call their own for the next two weeks, and met their cabin mates. 

Once anyone had arrived the waterfront was opened up for swimming, diving off the high dive, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Since the summer has been so warm the lake is nearly bath tub ready and the sounds of laughter and splashing echoed through camp. 

Open waterfront was followed by a delicious dinner, seated with campers from various cabins. Dinner tonight was chicken breast, steamed veggies, potatoes, and a fresh salad. Every camper (and counsellor) was excited when they saw the beautifully frosted carrot cake cupcakes arrive at their tables for dessert. 

Tonight, the girls had the choice between soccer, tennis, or nuke 'em for evening activity. Then back to the lake for one last dip before bonding time in the cabins before bed. 

Along the cabin line you can hear the quiet chatter of campers and counsellors ready for an awesome two weeks to come!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.