August 21, 2016

Our first full day at camp. 

This morning as the camp slept the wind howled and rain poured down. As it was time to wake up for our first Early Bird the wind blew the rain clouds out of camp clearing the way for a beautiful swim, run, bike, or camp tour for first time Ak-O-Makkers. 

This mornings activities included rugby, archery, self defence, canoeing with our guest super woman Sarah Steel, 

After a full morning everyone was excited for a buffet lunch. With full bellies, it was onto rest hour and a busy, fun filled afternoon. Cabins went sailing, played softball, jumped and tumbled in gymnastics, learned the basics of tennis for our up coming tennis tourney, and a group was driven out past Ahmic Harbour to ride on the smooth road. The rain sprinkled for 5 minutes but everyone danced and played through the water. 

Tonight we had our Sunday night cook out at the campfire. But as we devoured our homemade burgers, veggie sticks, and salad the winds really picked up and threatened to carry our youngest campers to Oz. 

we moved up to the cozy Main House to roast marshmallows in the fireplace, sing along to pop songs, and watch the dances that cabins 4 and 5 came up with this afternoon. 

Right now all of the campers are glued to the amazing stories that Sarah Steel is telling us about fighting fires in Northern Alberta like the fire at Fort McMurry. Everyone is truly mesmerized, hanging on to every word about how these giant fires get started and the unbelievably hard work that goes into fighting and managing them. Many of the girls were inspired to hear that Sarah was the head of a crew! 

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.