August 22, 2016

The mist rose off the lake this morning as the whole camp started Early Bird together. Swimmers started off into the warm water strong, as runners feet pounded the paths, and cyclists wove their way through the trails around camp. 

Morning classes today included archery, rugby, tennis, self defence, croquet, and of course SWIMMING YAY! In swimming today the two youngest cabins learned how to draft off of one and other and headed out into the open water to practice their skills.

This afternoon campers had the choice of mountain biking, basketball, or boot camp. Here they had the opportunity to participate in an activity with girls from other cabins. Then, everyone made their way to the tennis courts for some whole camp games. These games were rudely interrupted by secret agents from A.K.O. Headquarters. These spys came to ask the campers for help detecting some undercover agents from M.A.G. that had infiltrated the camp. All of the campers were divided into four agent squads (teams) and needed to design a logo, come up with a code name, and present to the secret agents a cheer for their squad. Team Comp has begun!

After dinner the entire camp played "The Scream Game". A highly skilled game where you stand on a line, take a deep breath, and scream and run at the same time until you need to take a breath. Some of the campers made it longer than the entire length of the soccer field before they needed to take a gasp of air…or burst into laughter. 

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.