August 25, 2016

Another great day at camp has come to an end. 

This morning at Early Bird a record number of campers set new personal best times! 

The sun was out and the weather was perfect for being in the water. Classes this morning were diving, small boats, swimming, volleyball, self defence, gymnastics – by cabin request, and fencing. 

The spies(our team comp)had yet another challenge for the campers – to design and create a difficult obstacle course intended to challenge the other squad teams. Squad teams could use anything that they could find at camp to build the course, but they also had to complete the course they designed themselves. Teams would be timed while going through all four of the courses and the team with the shortest combined time would be deemed the winner. Teams did push ups, cartwheels, army crawled, passed medicine balls, and hopped over various things to complete their mission. They then cooled off in the lake before dinner at open waterfront.

Some campers headed into Parry Sound with Jocelyn, every Thursday late afternoon we head into town with the road bikes for a cycling time trial. 

Tonight's evening activity was camp-wide yoga before heading to bed. 

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.