June 30th 2017

June 30th

Today we had our first early bird of the summer! Campers woke bright and early to the sound of the bell and headed out to swim, run or bike. After breakfast and inspection the morning classes started. Some of the classes we had today were canoeing, kayaking, basketball, volleyball and of course swimming! After a well-deserved lunch of pasta salad, chicken soup and cornbread the campers had a chance to try paddling for the first time this summer. We took out the war canoe as well as small boats like C4’s and K1’s. Paddling was a hit with both returning and new campers! After dinner we all headed out to the backfield to learn our camp dance We Are Young! The campers all headed to bed afterwards to rest up for the Canada Day parade in Magnetawan tomorrow.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.