July 7th 2017

Another great day at Camp Ak-O-Mak! We started off our day with a swim, run or mountain bike for early bird. After sausages and scones with whipped cream and strawberries for breakfast everyone headed down to their cabins to start cleaning for inspection. Our morning classes were lots of fun, and campers participated in swimming, spikeball, sailing, diving, kayaking and soccer. After candy store and rest hour everyone headed to Easter Island Head Rock for a fun afternoon of Team Comp! We played a game called Flabbergasters, where you have to run around and find the counsellors with buttons but avoid being tagged by the other counsellors. If you are tagged then you are given a small mission you have to complete before you collect more buttons! The team that collects the most buttons wins the game. After dinner everyone headed down to their cabins to dress their counsellors up in the wackiest outfits you could think of for Counsellor Dress Up! It was a hilarious way to end a fantastic day.



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.