July 8th 2017

Today we had a twist for early bird! We swam to Cherokee Point instead of Rocky Reef because of the wind and the campers had a great time. There was also running, road biking and mountain biking. For breakfast we had bagels, scrambled eggs and fruit. Once everyone was nice and full we headed out for morning classes! This morning we had pilates, sailing, gymnastics, boxing and of course swimming! Cabin 3 and 4 also played each other in an intense match of soccer. After lunch we all dressed up in our white t-shirts and crazy hair styles for the Colour Run! Chikopi joined us for the run and everyone had an amazing time getting colorful. After the Colour Run we had a much needed open waterfront to bathe and get ready for dinner. For evening activity the campers had a choice between yoga, war canoe or softball! It was a fun-filled day and everyone was ready for bed.




Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.