July 11th 2017

Today half of our camp headed to North Bay Canoe Club to paddle there for the day! They left early and arrived back in time for dinner. They got in lots of practice time for the regatta on Saturday and most campers paddled around 15 km! Back at camp we had a regular morning with an early bird of swimming and running, and breakfast followed by inspection. Our morning classes consisted of diving, softball, basketball, synchro and swimming. After a delicious lunch of ravioli and caesar salad we all headed down to the canoe docks to paddle over for an afternoon at Ahmic Lake Lodge! The campers all enjoyed their ice cream and a swim before paddling back to camp in time for dinner. For evening activity tonight we had open waterfront! Everyone is tired from such a busy day so we had lights out a bit early tonight.



Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.